MPG-BOOSTER for gasoline.

Gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbon molecules that vary in size and shape. Short molecules burn very quickly, causing engine knock and nitrous oxide emissions. Longer molecules burn slower and incompletely, leaving unburned hydrocarbons in the form of various exhaust pollutants.

 MPG-Booster delays the burning of short hydrocarbons, and quickens the burning of the longer hydrocarbons, The molecules ignite simultaneously, reducing pre and post ignition detonation causing a more complete fuel burn at the spark on the power stroke.

MPG-BOOSTER provides Immediate Results for your vehicle. You will begin to experience the following results within minutes of adding MPG-BOOSTER to your gas.
1. INCREASED MILEAGE PER GALLON. We guarantee a minimum 10%, Most get more.
2. INCREASED POWER. You can feel the difference as you drive.
3. INCREASED PERFORMANCE. Your vehicle will purr like a kitten.
4. REDUCED EMISSIONS. Never worry about passing the emissions test again.
5. LESS WEAR ON ENGINE. Better combustion reduces engine wear.
6. DECREASES ENGINE MAINTENANCE. Spark plugs and oil stay cleaner longer.
7. CLEANER IGNITION SYSTEM. Longer time between tune-ups.
9. FEWER CRANKING AMPS needed to start the engine extends battery life.
10. REDUCED OCTANE REQUIREMENT. Drop from high octane to low octane.
11. Save an additional money per gallon at the pump.
12.  INCREASED ENGINE LIFE. Less wear and tear makes your car last longer.
13. REDUCES ENGINE MISFIRE. Your car runs smooth and happy.
14. STABILIZES FUEL. Your car runs better no matter where you fill-up.
15. Drive Green, MPG-BOOSTER helps to clean the environment.

increase gas mileage

The Following Chart Shows Expected Savings Using An 4 ounce Bottle Of HPP MPG- Booster To Treat 160 Gallons Of Gas.
Savings Are Based On Gas Priced At $3.80 USD Per Gallon.

Percent Of Increase Gallons Saved Real Dollars Saved
10 16 $61.00
15 24 $91.20
20 32 $122.00
Treat 160 Gallons Save Over $50 In Gas


DIESEL-BOOSTER for diesel fuel.

When sulfur was removed from diesel fuel it reduced the lubricity needed to preserve seals, reduced antioxidancy and other valuable properties. This is not good for a diesel engine. The likely result is wear leading to failed injectors. That translates into breakdowns and repair expenses. HPP Diesel-Booster helps to put back in what came out with the sulfur.

It's the proven solution to enhance lubricity in ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. With the addition of HPP Diesel-Booster, diesel engines run at peak performance and are protected from unnecessary wear. It's that simple!

High Performance Plus Diesel Booster With Cetane Improver Is One Of The Best Performance And Mileage Stimulants Available Anywhere In Today's Market Place.

HPP Diesel Booster Is Guaranteed To Increase Mileage By 10%; Many Get More!

High Performance Plus Diesel Booster is formulated to meet world class "Premium Diesel" injector cleanliness, cetane number, lubricity and stability standards.
The Following Chart Shows Expected Savings Using One 8-Ounce Bottle Of High Performance Plus Diesel-Saver To Treat 360 Gallons Of Diesel Fuel. Savings Are Based On Diesel Priced At $4.00 Per Gallon.

Percent Of Increase Gallons Saved Real Dollars Saved
10 36 $144.00
15 48 $192.00
Treat 320 Gallons Save Over $140.00 In Fuel

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